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Our Minor League Third Basemen

So far we've looked at our shortstopssecond basemenfirst basemen and catchers. It's time for the guys playing the hot corner.

Las Vegas:

Well I was all set to say that Christian Colonel has played most of the 51's games at third but he was released a week or so ago. He was hitting great before he was let go, .368/.429/.395. San Diego picked him up. Howie Clark was also released. Kyle Phillips has come off the DL but has only been in a couple of games, one at first and one at DH. Luis Figueroa has played a few games at third, he is hitting .303/.333/.424. Hoffpauir has played there the last couple of days but we listed him with the 2Bers. 

New Hampshire:

Brad Emaus was playing third there but Shawn Bowman has moved up to the team so Emaus will be back at second. Emaus is slugging, .327/.478/.577, 3 homers and 2 steals. At any level, if you are getting on base half of your plate appearances, things are going great.

Shawn Bowman started at Dunedin, after the Jays signed him. In 3 games he hit .455/.455/.727 there, so they moved him up to New Hampshire where he is hitting .231/.375/.369 in 7 games. 


Kevin Ahrens started the season on the DL and has only been in 6 games, he isn't hitting yet (.095/.200/.295) but then it has only been 21 at bats.

John Tolisano has played 11 games at third, and hasn't hit much either .250/.319/.300 and now he is on the DL.


Mark Sobolewski has been hitting the ball hard to start the season, .333/.375/.549, with 2 home runs. He was a 4th round pick in 2008. He is 23 now so he's going to have to move up some this year if he is going to get on the prospect lists but he's doing all he can at the moment. 

Sean Ochinko is playing catcher, third and first in Lansing. He's hitting very well to start the year, .305/.353/.453 with 1 homer. He looked good this spring too. His best way to make the majors is to be able to play a couple of positions, with the line of catchers ahead of him.