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Our Minor League Outfielders

We've been through the infield, looking at third basemen,  shortstopssecond basemenfirst basemen and catchers. So it's the outfield.

Las Vegas:

Chris Lubanski has been playing mostly LF for 51's, he is hitting the ball hard .274/.323/.619, with 8 homers. He don't walk much, just once in the last ten games, but then he's hit 5 home runs in the same 10 games so why not swing. I guess you all know he was the number 5 overall pick in the 2003 draft. He's only 25, not really a prospect, though he could play himself into one again, but is someone that could step in if we had an injury. 

Chris Aguila has played mostly RF and is hitting great too, .353/.430/.485. He's 31 and has played in the majors before, another guy that could jump in if we had injuries.

Jeremy Reed has played CF and RF in Vegas. We got to see him a bit. He's hitting ok, .292/.354/.319, with no power at all. Surprising in the PCL.

Jorge Padilla is another that the Jays have that could fill in for us. He's 30 now. He's hitting .267/.392/.317, so getting on base well, no power. 

Aaron Mathews is on the DL. He was hitting .310/.375/.448 before then. He's 28 and could be a fourth outfielder type. 

New Hampshire:

We actually have a couple of prospects here.

Darin Mastroianni is getting on base great, .318/.409/.449, with 2 homers and 13 steals. He is hot at the moment, batting .422 in the last ten games. It wonder how long it will be before we get rid of one of the place holders in Vegas and move him up. He's 24 so sooner the better.

Eric Thames is clubbing the ball too, in his first season in Double-A, .313/.388/.586 with 7 home runs (5 in his last 10 games) and 5 steals. He's 23. Hope it stays healthy and shows us what he can do.

Adam Calderone is hitting .287/.315/.485, 3 homers. He is 26, not a prospect.

Adam Loewen is hitting .230/.348/.419 with 4 home runs. This is just second year as a 'batter' in the minors, so a learning curve should be expected. He has been hitting better the last 10 games, .265/.366/.529. He has a nice looking swing, but he's 26, so has to figure out hitting quick.


Daniel Perales, playing the corner outfield spots, hitting .291/.295/.523 with 4 homers. He is 25 and in A-Ball so he should be hitting well. 

Brian Van Kirk is hitting .237/.276/.299. Also 25.

Brad McElroy, a Canadian, started the season off in Lansing, hit well, .317/.394/.444 in 16 games and was moved up to Dunedin. In 9 games there he has hit .219/.342/.281. Just turned 24.

Welinton Ramirez looked good last year in Lansing, but hasn't had a good start to his Dunedin season, .184/.267/.276. Hope he'll turn it around.

Sean Shoffit will be 25 soon, is hitting .283/.356/.453.


Bradley Glenn was a 23rd round draft pick last year. He is having a good start to his first full season as a pro, hitting .350/.409/.550 with 3 homers and 4 steals. He's 23.

Kenny Wilson is a 2nd round draft pick from 2008. Hitting .278/.412/.342 with 12 steals. He is just 20. 

Eric Eiland was a 2nd round pick in 2007, but hasn't shown us why. He's hitting .253/.292/.319 with 5 steals. He is just 21 but sooner or later he is going to have to hit.


Moises Sierra is still on the DL. Markus Brisker will be at Auburn and Jake Marisnick will likely be with the Gulf Coast Jays.