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Yarp! Game 31 - Jays @ChiSox

Game on!

Don't blink for this one, We have Marcum taking on Buehrle so the game may actually even be over now. That's right before it even begins. They work that fast. Last time out Marcum finally earned his first win of the season. He has simply been fantastic. I have to admit I wasn't thrilled with the though of Marcum being our top of rotation starter, but he has made me regret that doubt ever since. He is ten kinds of awesome this year and is leading our staff to being one of the best starting rotations (stats wise) in all of baseball. GO TEAM

Buehrle you may all remember has had a couple of decent starts in the past. Something about a perfect game or some such nonsense. It's always hard to tell though as Hawk goes just as nuts for a perfect game as he does for a groundout. For added fun in today's thread start quoting Hawk and watch as Hugo slowly goes crazy.

2010 - Shaun Marcum 1-1 6 6 0 0 0 0 40.1 33 14 14 3 11 34 3.12 1.09

2010 - Mark Buehrle 2-4 6 6 0 0 0 0 37.1 43 25 22 4 10 16 5.30 1.42

Snider has been on a tear lately and is back in the lineup today. The only difference from yesterdays lineup is that Lind is taking a rest and Jose Bautista is taking the 3rd spot in the lineup. Ruiz is in as DH and bats 7th. Doesn't look like the league leader in HR's Paul Konerko will be in the lineup for the Sox today either. Good news for us.

Tune in after the jump for Lineups and a story that I wish wasn't true.


Toronto Blue Jays @ Chicago White Sox

05/07/10 8:10 PM EDT

Toronto Blue Jays Chicago White Sox
Fred Lewis - LF Juan Pierre - LF
Aaron Hill - 2B Omar Vizquel - 2B
Jose Bautista - 3B Andruw Jones - DH
Vernon Wells - CF Alex Rios - CF
Lyle Overbay - 1B A.J. Pierzynski - C
Alex Gonzalez - SS Carlos Quentin - RF
Randy Ruiz - DH Mark Teahen - 3B
John Buck - C Mark Kotsay - 1B
Travis Snider - RF Alexei Ramirez - SS

Thank goodness for the weekend. if I had to spend another minute in that carpeted box that they call an office I was going to go insane. I was actually given a report to go over today, and after reading it through and finding out what they wanted me to do I realized something horrible. I took it back to my team leader and asked what the purpose of doing this task was for? Basically the system was calculating that a requested payment was either below the minimum required or above the maximum and as such the system automatically corrected it. However they wanted me to go in and change it from saying elected payment to either maximum or minimum. I explained that whether or not I changed this had no effect on anything, If I didn't do it, the system paid out either the min or max, if I changed it the system paid out the min or max. So what was the point? The following is the conversation that transpired after I explained this. I wish I was joking

Team Leader: Still needs to be changed

Me: But why? Like I said there is no point

Team Leader: We have to change it, because its on the report

Me: But the report is useless. This is all it does, why is it even generated?

Team Leader: Because the technology team generates it

Me: Ok, so let's tell them not generate it

Team Leader: But then what would they generate?

Me: I don't know? Something more useful?

Team Leader: The reports can be useful

Me: Maybe some of them, but this one isn't. If I put this in the garbage and did absolutely nothing it would mean nothing at all. It will all be the same in the end. You aren't even going back and double checking the report until next year end

Team Leader: Right

Me: So to recap. If I change it, Nothing happens, If I don't change it nothing happens, and the only reason I am doing it is to get the names off the report that has no impact, and is seemingly only generated because the technology team needs something to do?

Team Leader: Well don't say it like that, it sounds pointless when you say it that way.

Me: Well we wouldn't want that.

Team Leader (while sighing and covering his face with his hand): Well are you going to work on it?

Me: What if I don't or can't because I'm busy?

Team Leader: Well the names will show up on the report this time next year

Me: Well yes, but new names will be on it anyways, so you wouldn't know the difference.

Team Leader: Well I suppose

Me: Tell you what. Let me think about it.... (pause)...... Yep All done. Im going to go get a coffee

Team Leader: Really? Sounds great, why all the fuss if it was already done? Can I get you to do it next year?

Me (As I am leaving): Yeah sure why not

I can't tell if it's a good thing that he didn't know I was joking and being sarcastic at the end of conversation. Hopefully he doesn't read BlueBird Banter. But if he does. HI BOSS! And thank you for allowing me to reach a whole new level of un-productiveness today! But just to ease your mind I am already working on next years report! In Fact..... Yep just finished!

Ok.. Ok... so I wouldn't have done it normally except my team leader and I are on pretty good terms and can joke around about these things. See kids, these are the things you have to look forward to in the corporate world. Tomorrow I will tell you about my trip to legal department. Man those lawyers are just.... Oh hey Hugo Didn't see you there. Nevermind.

Keep it civil and Go Jays Go!

Today's title comes from Hot Fuzz