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It is Good to be a Jays Fan

Boy our games have been fun to watch lately. 5 games over .500 will do that. 

We are scoring runs, 4.81 per game, 5th best in the league. We lead the league in homers and doubles. Second in the league in slugging. We do strikeout a lot, first in the league with 262, the next team (the Rays) have 222. We are still a low batting average team, hitting .240 at the moment, 3rd from the bottom and our on base isn't much better .313 fourth from the bottom. 

On the pitching side we are 5th best in runs allowed per game, 4.16. We have the most saves with 11. The third fewest home runs allowed (helped out since we don't have to pitch to our offense) at 25. And up at the top of the league in strikeouts with 238 for an average of 7.6 per game. 

On an individual bases a lot of out players have been great. Of the nine regulars, only 2 have OPS+ under 100, Aaron Hill (80) (he'll start hitting soon, right?) and Overbay (65) (sigh). Some of my favorites to watch, in the early going:


  • Vernon Wells. As bad as he was last year, he is good this year. Hitting .331 with power (8 homers, .636 slugging), taking pitches, running up pitch count, taking walks (.403 OPB) and he looks like he is having fun. His bat looks quick. He even looks better defensively. I had to check, figuring maybe it was just my eyes, but his UZR/150 is 11. Since it was a -18.5 last year, that's a huge improvement. Yeah, it is early and those defensive metrics need more data to be useful but he does look good out there. 
  • Alex Gonzalez. He looks as smooth as advertised defensively. He does make the odd error but that's life. Offensively? He does have this all or nothing swing but he's leading the team in homers. I think we did a poll, before the season, asking who would lead the team in home runs and I'm sure his name wasn't on it. Now he isn't a high average hitter (.264 at the moment) and he doesn't take walks (6, .303 OPP) but if he hits one out every 13 at bats, we'll forgive all that. 
  • Fred Lewis. It took him a few days to get going but he is hitting .419/.457/.677 in May. His speed is great, though he's been caught stealing twice in 5 tries. He is hitting doubles by the bunches. And he plays decent defense in LF, though he has his moments where you aren't sure where his head is. 
  • Travis Snider. Yeah he didn't start off on fire. Struck out a fair bit and when he did hit the ball hard (quite often really) it seemed to find a glove. That's all changed in May, he's hitting .478/.500/.783 this month. I like his defense more than I thought I would and think he looks a little better in RF than LF. He's showing lots of hustle. I'm sure he'll become a fan favorite in time. He will have slumps, everyone does, but that's baseball. 

I've run out of time, I have to run a boy to baseball, but wanted to talk about how much I'm enjoy watching the Jays . 

What are you enjoying about this season?