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The Name Game

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As many of you know, our commander-in-chief, Hugo and, his commander-in-chief, Mrs. Hugo are expecting their second little one. I remember, when my wife was pregnant, thinking how lucky I was to be a guy. We get to watch it all happen and take credit, but we don't have to deal with growing stomachs, throwing up and all the rest. Guys have it good. 

Anyway, as a public service, I figure we ought to suggest names for them. They have a lot of things going on in their lives, I'm sure they could use the help. Since we don't know the sex, you could offer up a name for each sex or suggest a name that would work either way.

I've already suggested Tom as it is the perfect name. Or you know, Rincewind is a good name too. But you might have others to suggest.

I also think Moonraker would work, either for a boy or a girl. Or if they want the Jays to draft their little ball player, they ought to pick a name with 17 letters in it that couldn't possibly be spelled by your average blogger. Or, you know, me.

All that really important is that baby and mom are healthy and happy. Names, gender, all that stuff comes second to health. I know we all wish them the best. 

So offer up your suggestions. I'm sure Hugo will give them all the consideration they deserve. And (Craig, I'm looking at you), no suggesting Kevin Millar