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Thursday Bantering: Roster Moves and PETA

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You all know that Jesse Litsch has been called up and Rommie Lewis sent down. Litsch wasn't exactly shutting everyone down in his 4 PCL starts but he had only walked 3 batters in 22 innings. The PCL isn't a pitcher's league and Vegas apparently is more slanted towards the hitters than most of the parks. The infield is, from what I've heard, very hard and ground balls rocket through.

Of the starting pitchers at Vegas, only Robert Ray has a good ERA at 3.83 and Brad Mills isn't bad at 4.54. Most the other starters are in the 6's or beyond. JP Arenciba has his bat going again 5 hits and 2 HR in his last 3 games. Brett Wallace is hitting again too, 4 hits in his last 10 at bats. Brad Emaus is enjoying Triple-A. .310/.333/.552 in 8 games there. Chris Lubanski is doing well too, .351 with 2 double, 2 triples and a homer, in his last 10 games. Of course, as hard as it is to judge pitchers at Vegas, same is true with batters. Randy Ruiz had a monster year there and we all know how that turned out. I wonder how he is doing in Japan?

The Jays made another roster move today, putting John McDonald on the Bereavement list and activating Dewayne Wise to fill his spot on the bench. It must be very tough on John and his family. I don't know why we worry about having 25 guys when you know Cito is only going to use 20 of them at best. 

Speaking of bench players, I saw Joe Inglett playing for the Brewers this afternoon. He has grown a beard, I guess wants to look old enough to be in the majors. 

In the information I don't know how to use file, I got a press release from PETA saying that Stadium, home of our New Hampshire Fisher Cats, got a spot on PETA's Top 10 Vegetarian-Friendly Ballparks. I do admire vegetarians but I live in cattle country and steak is sooooo good. According to the release they offer an

all-star lineup of vegetarian options includes protein-packed veggie burgers, veggie wraps, a portobello mushroom cap salad, a fresh garden salad, portobello mushroom sandwiches (available on request), and grilled veggie sandwiches.

I do like Portobello mushroom sandwiches. I think offering more than the usual 10% rat hot dogs is a good thing for a ball park to do.