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Brandon Morrow Pitches Great, We Still Lose, Rockies 1, Jays Zip

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Blue Jays 0 Rockies 1

All those power bats took a nap at the same time. You know we are going to go through times like this but it isn't fun. Jose Bautista, who was carrying the team for so long, is in a 0 for 23 slide. Add in that he's not taking walks like he had been, it is tough to watch. Average has dropped to .231. Aaron Hill 0 for 4, down to .184. Vernon Wells 0 for 4, .294 now. Lyle Overbay 0 for 3, .233. Adam Lind was 0 for 1, pinch hitting in the 9th, a sad ground out with the tying run on. He's hitting a big .209. The only guys to hit tonight were Alex Gonzalez 2 for 4, Fred Lewis 1 for 2 with 2 walks and Edwin Encarnacion 1 for 3.

The good part of the game was watching Brandon Morrow. He was great again, going 6 innings, 5 hits, 3 walks, 1 earned, 6 k. He did run into a bit of trouble in the 6th, the back of his thumb started to bleed, I'm not sure if that caused him to walk the pitcher or give up the 2 singles that cost us the run and gave him the loss. But a pitcher should be able to give up 1 run and not have to take the loss. 

David Purcey pitched a good inning and Scott Downs and Shawn Camp shared a scoreless inning. 

We had some good defense and Todd Helton had some adventures in base running that helped along Morrow's good game. 

Jays of the Day are Morrow (.151 WPA) and Purcey (.107). Shawn Camp deserves an honorable mention for his 2 k's with runners on the corners to get out of the 8th. Suckage Jays? Basically any of them that held bats today. Hill (-.204), Wells (-.156), Bautista (.150) and Overbay (-.096) get the prize. Hill and Bautista could really day off. Or a kick in the pants. Or something. 

Tomorrow we get to see Jesse Litsch for the first time since early last season. Hopefully his return will jar the bats awake too.