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Jays Sign 14 of Their Draft Picks

The Jays sent out this press release: 

The TORONTO BLUE JAYS have signed 14 of their selections in 2010 First Year Player Draft, including 34th overall pick RHP AARON SANCHEZ, 38th overall RHP NOAH SYNDERGAARD and round 3A selection Canadian OF MARCUS KNECHT. A complete list follows.

        RD              PICK    POS     PLAYER
        1A              34      RHP     SANCHEZ, Aaron
        1A              38      RHP     SYNDERGAARD, Noah
`       3                 93      3B      HAWKINS, Christopher
        3A              113     OF      KNECHT, Marcus
        19              576     RHP     GARRETT, Travis
        23              696     OF      GOMEZ, Angel
        24              726     OF      MELENDEZ, Ronnie
        30              906     OF      MCQUAIL, Stephen
        32              966     2B      FERMIN, Andy
        34              1026    RHP     POWELL, Tyler
        35              1056    RHP     BARNES, Daniel
        40              1206    RHP     BERL, Brandon
        42              1266    RHP     PERMISON, Drew
        49              1476    2B      ABRAHAM, Matt


That is a good start. Of course there are a few between the 3rd and 19th round we are interested in.

Other Blue Jay news:

Justin Jackson is coming off the DL and is being sent to Lansing from Dunedin. I'm figuring less a demotion, more a 'we need a way to get playing time for Hechavarria, Pastornicky and Jackson'. Though I suppose the team could have moved one of them up to New Hampshire instead of moving him down. He joins Kevin Ahrens who was sent from Dunedin to Lansing a couple of days ago.