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Glad I missed that one, Jay lose to Padres

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Blue Jays 2 Padres 8

Usually I dislike missing games. I mean. I do have a life and occasionally I do have to do something that actually pays and all, but I like to watch the games. Even losses I like to see. There are always good parts to even the worst lost. 

But tonight, I'm glad I didn't see Brett Cecil's poor start. Seeing the grand slam he gave up, in the Sports Centre highlights was enough for me. He is one of my favorites. All pitchers have the odd bad start (see Roy Halladay's start against the Yankees today, for example), but with all the times we've been told he wasn't going to be any good, I hate to watch him have a bad one. Cecil went 6 innings, giving up 7 hits, 5 earned, 2 walks, 4 k. Actually if it wasn't for that home run it wouldn't have been a bad start. Insert Titanic and ice berg reference here.  

I guess, if there was good news. it would be that David Purcey had another good inning of work. He still hasn't allowed an earned run.

We didn't do much on offense either. We had just 5 hits and 2 walks. Alex Gonzalez seems to be the only bat that is really working at the moment. He had 2 hits again and has had 7 in the last four games (15 at bats). Jose Bautista was 0 for 4. Cito had him leading off. I think it is well past time that he get a game or two off. So far in June he is 6 for 46, a big  .130 average. 3 of those hits came in one game, the game he had the 2 home runs he's hit this month. 

Vernon Wells was also 0 for. He's having much the same month as Bautista, hitting .188/.264/.417 for June. Actually that's not that much like Jose. He has about double the slugging average, but that's nothing to write home about. Vernon could have a day off too, if you are reading this Cito. John Buck was 0 for 4, but then he had 2 home runs yesterday, so we'll let it slide. and Edwin Encarnacion was 0 for 3 with a walk. 

No Jay of the Day today. Brett Cecil (-.281 WPA) gets the Suckage award.

I guess this is the definition of a bad day, Jays lose and Doc gets pounded by the Yankees. Can it get much worse?

At least there were no earthquakes today. 

Tomorrow's game is a little earlier for you guys out east, 6:30 Eastern time. Ricky Romero (5-3, 3.29) tries to win us the series, while Kevin Correia (5-4, 4.98). Let's score Ricky some runs guys.