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Whoa, this is heavy - Gm 67 - Jays @ Padres

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Dramatic Re-enactment of my afternoon (Photo by Rusty Jarrett/Getty Images for NASCAR)
Dramatic Re-enactment of my afternoon (Photo by Rusty Jarrett/Getty Images for NASCAR)
Getty Images for NASCAR

Want to know something sad? I think I lost my man card today. A couple of co-workers and myself were heading to the company picnic when a group of women in the parking lot that we were parked in had a flat tire. Well the good ol man instincts kick in and the 4 of us decide to help out. First off it had these weird little rubber things over the lugnuts we couldn't get off after 15 minutes or so we give up and consult the manual (strike 1). Figure out there is a wire to stick in there, turn and hook out the rubber points. Alright past that part. Next up the lugnuts, my co-worker tries to move them no luck, goes completely out of breathe wrenching on this thing (Strike 2), now I am not a small guy so I end up stomping on the tire iron and loosening things. Great everything looking good at this point. We jack up the car and I go to pull off the wheel...... nothing... Try again.... won't budge. What the hell? I check everything again all lugnuts are off... nothing in the way. I push on the tire, spin it, twist it, pull it and nothing. One by one my coworkers take a turn and we can't get it. At this point we are completely perplexed, I am by no means a mechanic but I have changed my fair share of tires, I just can't get what is wrong. Next thing we know this old guy comes out of the apartment complex says "let me see" picks up the spare and gently bumps it against the tire... the tire falls off the car. I am pretty sure my jaw hit the ground (strike 3 annnnnd Im out). The old guy walks away and I proceed to change the rest of the tire as my co-workers stand there dumbfounded. The thanked us and drove off. I have now spent the rest of the day doing manly things like drinking beer and hammering up some drywall in an attempt to get my manhood back.

Its the rubber match! And the even better news with this game? It's our last road game with interleague! The last time we have to watch the pitcher pick up the bat for the rest of the regular season. Granted we have to play a series of those home games in Philly (thank you very much G20) but at least we don't have to send Cecil, Romero et others to the plate.

Petco is a nice park but I will be happy to get out of here. It seems this year we have drawn some tough opponents in interleague and while I don't want to complain, it certainly hasn't made it easy for us. Hopefully Ricky can end our road trip through the national league with a victory.

On the mound as mentioned we send Ricky Romero to the mound who looks to bounce back from his last start in Colorado. Granted no one can really blame Romero for giving up a few hits in that game. The conditions should have never allowed the game to continue but due to scheduling conflicts they pushed to get the 6 innings in before calling it. The friars send Kevin Correia to the mound. Kevin it seems is one of the weak links in the Padres strong starting pitching. So let's hope we can take advantage and take the series.

2010 - Ricky Romero 5-3 13 13 2 1 0 0 90.1 76 33 33 6 34 91 3.29 1.22

2010 - Kevin Correia 5-4 12 12 0 0 0 0 65.0 65 37 36 7 26 52 4.98 1.40

For the lineup today Bautista is finally getting a day off, Lewis is back in leading off and playing right field. Lind is in LF and bats 3rd. Buck behind the plate and EE in at 3rd bat 7th and 8th with Romero taking the 9 spot. Pretty much the same ol same ol except for Bautista taking a seat.

Tune in after the jump for lineups and Series info.

Current Series

3 game series vs Padres @ Petco Park

Mon 06/14 WP: Shaun Marcum (6 - 3)
SV: Kevin Gregg
LP: Jon Garland (6 - 5)
6 - 3 win
Tue 06/15 2 - 8 loss

Toronto Blue Jays
@ San Diego Padres

Wednesday, Jun 16, 2010, 6:35 PM EDT
Petco Park

Ricky Romero vs Kevin Correia

Partly cloudy. Winds blowing out to right field at 10-15 m.p.h. Game time temperature around 65.

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Toronto Blue Jays @ San Diego Padres

06/16/10 6:35 PM EDT

Toronto Blue Jays San Diego Padres
Fred Lewis - RF David Eckstein - 2B
Aaron Hill - 2B Chase Headley - 3B
Adam Lind - LF Adrian Gonzalez - 1B
Vernon Wells - CF Scott Hairston - LF
Alex Gonzalez - SS Nick Hundley - C
Lyle Overbay - 1B Chris Denorfia - CF
John Buck - C Aaron Cunningham - RF
Edwin Encarnacion - 3B Lance Zawadzki - SS
Ricky Romero - P Kevin Correia - P

Keep it Civil and Go Jays Go

Today's title comes from Back to the Future