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Four Hits for Fred Lewis, Jays Beat Padres.

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Blue Jays 7 Padres 1

Now that was fun to watch. A bunch of Jays had good days at the plate. Fred Lewis started us off with a triple, then had 3 more hits. He was  home run short of the cycle. He did have a shot at it, with the bases loaded in the 9th but he 'just' singled, driving in 2 runs. A great day, triple, double, 2 singles, 2 runs, 2 RBI and a stolen base. 

John Buck was 2 for 4, with a home run and 2 RBI. Lyle Overbay was 2 for 2 with 2 walks. Vernon Wells was just 1 for 4, but the 1 was his 16th home run. The only 0 fors were Adam Lind and Edwin Encarnacion. Oh and Ricky Romero was 0 for 2 with 2 strikeouts, slacker. 

Romero pitched 6 good innings, the only run to score against him came on his own error, trying to get an out at first on a ball he should have never thrown. He gave up 5 innings, 3 walks while striking out 5. He did go to a lot of full counts so he came out after 6 innings with 108 pitches. Scott Downs pitched a scoreless inning and Shawn Camp had two of them. I didn't understand why Cito sent Camp out for the second inning, with us up by 6, an off day tomorrow and no a few pitchers that could have used some work. 

Jays of the Day are Buck (.185 WPA), Lewis (.145) and Romero (.142). Lyle deserves an honorable mention for the 2 for 2, 2 walks and some good defense. 

For those that think winning is all that is needed to get fans to the park, the Padres are tied for first in the NL West and still just had 16,000 at the game today.

Some Jay's news. John McDonald has been activated off the Bereavement List. Jeremy Reed has been sent to Vegas. Also Brian Dopirak was outrighted to Vegas. That means he was removed from the 40-man roster and that he cleared waivers. So if you had any thoughts of Dopirak being called up to the Jays, it doesn't look like it will happen. Now the Jays haven't said why they wanted the open spot on the 40-man, but you'd almost think that they wanted to make room for someone. Or they are just keeping their options open. 

And Yorbit Torrealba for 3 games for going nuts over a strike 3 call the other day. 

The Jays have an off day tomorrow, so Hugo or really Mrs. Hugo, there is a good window to have your little one. The Jays are heading home to host the Giants for three games. After that the Cardinals are in town and I will be too. I'll be at those three games. If people want to get together, I thought we'd go to C'est What? after the Tuesday game. So if you would like to stop by for a couple of beer that would be great. Unless someone has a better plan.