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Thursday Evening Bantering

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I've been figuring the Jays would send out the roster for Auburn today, so checked the email this afternoon expecting to see a release from the Jays and yep, there were three of them.

Opened the first...not the Auburn roster. A press release letting us know that three members of the Buffalo Bills are going to be at Sky Dome tomorrow afternoon to take batting practice. Jairus Byrd, Lee Evans and Kyle Williams. And they will be signing autographs before the game. Not exactly something that will spark a lot of conversation on the site.

The second: still not the roster. Just a note telling folks going to games this weekend to give themselves a little extra time to get there, with the preparations for the G20 starting up. So if you are going any of the the Giants series games, give yourself an extra half hour or so to get there. If you get there early you can wander around the stadium. Makes me a little nervous about how things will be when we are there next week. Can't do much about it. 

The third was to announce that the Jays have signed Dalton Pompey, their 16th round draft choice. Dalton is from Mississauga, ON and is a switching hitting outfielder. 

So we still don't have the Auburn roster. Since the season starts tomorrow, we should know soon. 

As I mentioned yesterday, after Tuesday's game we'll go to C'est What? for a beer or two. If you are going to the game and would like to join us, please do. Also, if you can't come for beer but would like to meet up for coffee or lunch while we are in Toronto, send me a note and we will work something out. 

I wanted to point out a quote from Cito that was in this story in the Globe and Mail this morning:

"You have what you have. That's what I said in spring training, we would have six or seven guys who could hit 20, 25 home runs, and it looks like that's what it's going to be. If that's what you got, that's what you got, and if you're going to hit home runs a lot, you're going to strike out a lot. It'd be nice to see us get a couple of hits and then get a home run, that'd be great ... but that's what most of these guys are, home run hitters."

We rag on Cito a lot. Or somewhere between a lot and too much. I'm not sure. But I like this. I like that Cito isn't trying to make this team into something that it isn't. He's just embracing what he's got. As a manager that is what you have to do. If you try to make players do something they can't it won't work out well. People talk about them 'manufacturing runs'. We don't get enough base runners to manufacture runs. And when we get them, we don't have the type of batters that you can try the hit and run with. Bunting is all well and good (not really) but we don't have an easy time scoring runners from 2nd or 3rd, so why waste an out to move a runner up.

I'm not Cito's biggest fan. But this I like. Work with what you are given and try to get the best out of them.