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Friday Bantering: All-Star Jays? and Links.

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Good morning. It's been a interest sports day already. Serbia beats Germany 1-0 in the early World Cup game. Slovenia takes a 2-0 lead over the US only to have the US get 2 in the second half. This one has been a really good game so far. Then Algeria and England this afternoon. 

Over in the Star Morgan Campbell (who had a nice little love story in his thwips the other day) writes about Alex Gonzalez' chance at making the All-Star team. Alex has been terrific for us this year and is on a little roll at the moment. He does have a good shot, he's second to Jeter among shortstops in RBI's and leads American Leagues SS's in slugging. He would be a good pick for the team.

Who else would you send from the Jays? John Buck is tied for the lead in RBI for catchers and leads them in slugging. He really deserves to be there too. Jose Bautista? Until his recent slump he was a sure thing. Now I don't know. He has a big 6 hits in June and his batting average has dropped to .227. He has hit a bunch of home runs. I remember someone once asking if we really wanted All-Star teams or All-fast-start-to-the-season teams.It would be nice if Vernon Wells could be named to the team. He is fighting through a slump too (.192 BA in June) but he is still batting .282/.337/.571. I'd like to see him go to it just as a prize for fighting through last year. 

I also wonder if one of Ricky Romero/Shaun Marcum/Brett Cecil will get an invite. It would be only fair to recognize one of our starters for the great job the staff has done. 

Anyway share your thoughts. 

Other Links:

  • Jose Bautista is looking for answers to end his slump. I like how Jose explains it:"

The ball feels like it's coming faster than what it really is," Bautista said. "Earlier in the year, I would see guys throwing 95 [mph] and it felt like they were throwing 90. Now, I see guys throwing 85 and it feels like they're throwing 95.

"I'm rushing everything right now. My load is too quick. My head's moving. My front side is flying open. Everything is just trying to catch up basically."