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Jays Sign Nick Green

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Barry Davis thwips that the Jays have signed Nick Green, who was released by the Dodgers Wednesday. If this is true it would be why they dropped Brian Dopirak off the 40-man. I'm not sure why we would want him. We have John McDonald and Mike McCoy rotting on the bench now and Jarrett Hoffpauir is tearing things up at Vegas. If we really needed something, not call him up. Davis thinks that Green would go on the Jays active roster 

His stats are here.


We can take away the question is official. Mike McCoy has been sent to Vegas. I really don't see a big upgrade here. At least McCoy had speed, so he could pinch run. Green doesn't have that. Since Cito doesn't use his bench, I don't see why we need Green and McDonald, but we shall see.