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Month of May, it's a violent thing: A look at our offense in May.

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I guess we all know about the 54 home runs we hit in May. Our offensive numbers were up across the board in May compared to April. Our May slash line .258/.318/.493, April's .230/.303.446. In May we scored 5.7 runs a game, April 4.6. We even brought our strikeout rate down, 7.6 k per game in May, 8.6 in April.

A player-by-player look:

John Buck: Hit .297/.342/.554 in May compared to a .215/.268/.477. And his 3 home run game came at the end of April.

Lyle Overbay: .243/.296/.430 in May, .171/.281/.329 in April. Not exactly great number for May but a step forward. He drove in 15 runs in May.

Aaron Hill: .184/..273/.395 May, .162/.311/.297 April. 14 RBI in May. Maybe June will be his month?

Alex Gonzalez: .243/.283/.411 May, .289/.317/.629 April. 13 RBI in May. Every at bat, Buck and Rance tell us how he is a 'run producer'. I can't imagine what they see in his history that would suggest that. His May numbers are almost exactly his career numbers. As long as he play good defense, I'm ok with that. I'd also be ok with moving him down in the lineup. And I'd be ok with giving him the odd day off to rest. It isn't that much a drop to go from him to John McDonald. He's played in all but one game this year. 

Jose Bautista: .287/.422/.766 in May, .213/.314/.427 in April. 12 home runs, 25 RBI in May. Pretty safe to say he had a career month in May, darn close to a career year in May. Expecting him to do the same the rest of the season might be a bit much but hoping for something in between his April numbers and his May numbers might be fair.

Fred Lewis: .333/.366/.561 for May, .200/.250/.311 in April. 20 runs and 14 RBI in May. When he started kind of slow, we saw a lot of the 'why did we pick up this loser' type comments. It shows you ought to give a guy a few at bats before you judge him. He is great fun to watch.

Vernon Wells: .278/.322/.500 May, .339/.396/.717 April. 20 RBI for May. One of the very few not to have a better May than April but then he was amazing in April. Still a good month for him. 

Adam Lind: .174/.220/.312 May, .286/.359/.484 April. 14 RBI for May. It would be nice to see him get hot soon. For all the complaining about Lyle Overbay in the middle of the lineup, Lind hasn't been much better. Got to figure he'll breakout soon. 

Edwin Encarnacion: .225/.333/.700 May, .219/.270/.406 April. 13 RBI for May. Really not enough at bats either month to say much about him. We knew he'd be a streak hitter.

Jose Molina: .357/.438/.357 May, .190/.227/.238 April. Cito doesn't give his bench players enough at bats in a month to make it worth looking at their numbers.

None of the other bench players had enough at bats to make it worth the bother of listing, could tell you John McDonald hit .385 in May but since it was in just 13 at bats, it really doesn't make any point, other than Cito could use his bench a little more. If we have a late season collapse It will be worth remembering that Overbay, Gonzalez, Wells and Lind played in 53 of the first 54 games and Jose Bautista playing in all 54. Just a mental break, if nothing else, is good for a person. 

The post title comes from a new single from Arcade Fire that I heard just the other day and it sounded like music to me. You can hear it here.

Oh, I could also note that Bluebird Banter had it's best month ever for visits in May. I'd love to take credit but Johnny has made the game threads so much fun, let's give the credit to him. Take a bow Johnny.  It will be tough to beat those numbers in June but we'll give it a try. If we don't, it's Johnny's fault.