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Alex Anthopoulos Press Conference

The Jays had a phone conference with Alex Anthopoulos, to talk about the two releases today, for the media. If you stood a long ways back and squinted we might look like part of the media.

Alex was ask what changed for Edwin Encarnacion in the last day to change it from him being sent to the minors to him being DFAed. Alex said nothing had changed, they just needed a spot on the 40-man roster for Scott Richmond. They made the determination that EE likely wouldn't be claimed off waivers. They still expect him to end up at Vegas. They are willing to risk him being claimed but don't figure it will happen. The team is "confident he will clear". I would think there are other names on the 40-man roster that the team could expect to clear waivers too, but they decided they could risk Edwin. 

Alex talked to Edwin's agent about it all. Edwin is apparently ok with it all and plans to go down, work hard and get recalled at some point. This was not done at the request of the player. 

Richmond is starting tonight at Dunedin, will make a start at New Hampshire nest. He is doing well, is throwing up to 89 MPH and the team expects that number to improve.

As for Dustin McGowan, the surgery is to improve his range of motion. His MRI showed nothing else wrong but they will know more after they look in. They don't have a time line on him throwing again but don't expect to see him on a mound until next season. The surgery is "not bad news and not good news".