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If you ain't 1st, you're last - 1st Base AL All-Star Selections, Who has your vote?

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OAKLAND, CA - JUNE 04:  Of course there were better pictures, but this one made me laugh. So it wins. (Photo by Jed Jacobsohn/Getty Images)
OAKLAND, CA - JUNE 04: Of course there were better pictures, but this one made me laugh. So it wins. (Photo by Jed Jacobsohn/Getty Images)
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I figured with the all-star game coming up we could go over a run down of each position and who might be deserving of the all-star selection. We will break down 1st, 2nd, 3rd, SS, OF and Catcher as those are the positions that are voted on by the fans.

First up let's take a look at the latest voting totals released by MLB on June 21st 2010.

1st Base
1. Justin Morneau Twins 1,752,276
2. Mark Teixeira Yankees 1,507,769
3. Miguel Cabrera Tigers 1,426,973
4. Kevin Youkilis Red Sox 805,244
5. Carlos Pena Rays 620,001


Now let's take a closer look at each of these players starting at the bottom and working our way back up to number. All Stats are before games on the 22nd of June took place

5. Carlos Pena, .200/.317/.411 - 15HR, 46RBI 37BB 77SO - Carlos has had a bit of a rough go of it to start out the year. He really struggled over the first two months. When June started he was hitting .175/.299/.350, He only had 8HRs and 31RBI. It wasn't really until a game against Toronto on June 8th where he hit two home runs and drove in 5 that things have really taken off over the past 2 weeks. With a lot of fans having a what have you done for me lately type of attitude this may buy him a few more votes.

4. Kevin Youkillis, .312/.435/.591 14HR, 47RBI 48BB, 41SO - Youkillis is really putting together another solid season. As much as I don't like the guy I have to admit he really is one of the premiere first basemen in baseball. He hits for average, power gets on base a ton and plays good defense. Now if only he could learn to stop arguing balls and strikes.... come to think of it maybe that's why he gets so many walks, Umps are just tired of arguing with the guy. He is having a great season for sure, but does he deserve to start the all-star game?

3. Miguel Cabrera, .328/.409/.632 19HR, 60RBI 34BB 41SO - Wow. Just gaudy numbers to this point. Cabrera has gone back and forth with Bautista in the early going of this season for the American League Home Run lead. However, unlike Bautista he can hit for average gets on base at a better clip and has a higher slugging %. I look at these numbers and instantly think all-star. Do you?

2. Mark Teixeira, .225/.342/.406 12HR 44RBI 42BB 52SO - Not sure what to say about big Teix. He is a notoriously slow starter and has already started to get things turned around as he has raised his slugging % by 20 points since the end of May. That being said he shouldn't be in the conversation to be at the all-star game let alone start at it. The only reason Teixeira is this high is because of the large fanbase that the Yankees enjoy. Is that fair? Yes and No, but that really starts an argument on the merits of fan voting.

1. Justin Morneau, .340/.428/.622 15HR 47RBI 48BB 47SO - The Canadian Slugger is having yet another fantastic season. The former MVP is putting up even better numbers then he did in his MVP season. He recently went through a large swoon that saw his average drop 37 points to sit at 340. I'll repeat that he has had a poor month and saw his average DROP to 340. That being said he has hit a couple of home runs over the past 2 games and has picked up few more RBI as well. Does he deserve to be in 1st place in the voting?

To me, This really should be a two horse race at the moment. Either Morneau or Cabrera should be starting in the all-star game. I think maybe you could make a case for Youkillis but realistically he just doesn't match up to the others so far this year. My vote goes to Morneau over Cabrera for no other reason then I like the guy. But I wouldn't be upset to either one of them made it in. Just please don't let it be Teixeira getting in on no other qualifications other then he is a Yankee.

So tell me what you think in the comments. Do you agree with the Voters? What about with me? Do you choose someone else completely? Maybe Overbay? Hah. I almost said that with a straight face.

Title is from Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby