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Jays lose another heartbreaker, Drop a 1-0 decision against the Cards.

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Arrrrgh, That sucked.

I was right about the pitching duel though. Both Carpenter and Romero were fantastic. Carpenter went 8 innings only giving up 3 hits. Romero on the other hand worked in and out of trouble throughout the game, he also went 8 innings giving up 8 hits. Neither starting pitcher gave up any runs throughout their time on the mound.

Romero really settled down as the game progressed but he started out the game in the first inning by loading up the bases with no out before getting a ground out, strike out and strike out to end the inning without anyone crossing the plate. He then started the 2nd with back to back singles putting runners on 1st and 2nd before getting a double play and groundout to end the inning. After that he started cruising along. Of the 8 hits given up 5 of them came between Holliday and Pujols. They are a devasting duo in the middle of the lineup.

The lone run of the game came across with Kevin Gregg on the mound in the top of the 9th inning. He came into the game firing strikes and looked sharp to start with getting Molina to pop up to Overbay. After that, things came undone. Winn reached out over the plate to punch a line drive into left field for a single. Brendan Ryan then lined out to Bautista in right field, so we have two out and a runner at 1st with the top of the Cardinal Lineup coming up. Lopez works the count full and then reaches out and hits a pitch outside the zone back up the middle moving Winn to third. Both hits to this point were outside the zone in almost the exact same spot. Holliday comes to the plate and again works the count full, now Gregg is looking a bit rattled in my opinion but he throws a great pitch that breaks low into the zone. Holliday reaches low and hits the ball below his knees into left field scoring a run. Again the pitch was out of the zone. Full credit to the 3 Cardinals who got hits in the 9th inning, they earned those hits and you have to accept that sometimes those types of hits are going to happen to you, but it was very very painful to see three of them in one inning.

At the plate we didn't do much, Vernon Wells had 2 hits. Buck and Hoffpauir each had 1. Bautista didn't get a hit but was productive none the less by getting 3 walks. Hill was robbed of what I still think was a double down the line that was called foul in the 1st inning (I rewound and watched 4 times, looked like it hit the line to me). Gonzalez was especially bad grounding into two double plays and look bad at the plate the entire time, the second double play came in the 9th inning to completely kill any momentum we had. I think its time we switch Bautista and Gonzalez back around, and in fact bump Overbay back up in front of Gonzalez as well.

I have been behind Gonzalez all year, but tonight was the first time I really felt angry at him. I wasn't even mad at Gregg for blowing the game. He made good pitches and that is all you can really ask, But Gonzalez didn't look good tonight, either at the plate or in the field.  In the first he made an error (that was later changed to a hit) on a ball that I thought would be a double play but it short hopped him and made Romero throw more pitches in the first.

Jays of the day: Romero (.560, he was awesome), Wells (.128) and Bautista (.094, but I'm giving to him anyway for a couple of great at bats)

Suckage Jays: Gonzalez (-.375) Gregg (-.293) Overbay (-.209) Wise (-.145) Lind (-.120) and I'm tempted to give one to Hill too with the error he took in the first inning.

Tomorrow in the series finale we look to salvage a victory by sending Brandon Morrow (4-5, 4.97ERA) to the mound to take on Adam Wainwright (10-4 2.23ERA)..... Wait a minute... another pitcher with an amazing ERA this year? COME ON!!! ................. Schedule maker, we need to have words.