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Morrow Dazzles, Blue Jays Shut Out Cardinals 5-0: Serve Me the Sky with a Big Slice of Lemon

Okay, remember how a few days ago I said that some games are never in doubt?  Well, look no further.  Vernon Wells and Adam Lind hit back-to-back homeruns in the first inning and from there on the Jays never looked back.  Entering the second inning, the Jays' probability of winning was already greater than 75% and it steadily climbed from there.  This game had everything a Jays fan could want.  There was a scary moment when a foul tip hit the umpire and he went down for a spell, but he got up and finished the game out fine.  All in all, a great one.

Brandon Morrow was excellent, pitching eight incredible innings striking out eight and walking just one, while scattering five hits and inducing 10 groundball outs to just five flyouts.  He only really got in trouble once, mainly because an Albert Pujols infield single moved a runner to third base, but the infield single was a ball that Jarrett Hoffpauir might have gotten.  He showed decent range but the ball clattered off his glove into foul territory.  Morrow showed poise, though, and got the next batter to retire the side.  I really can't say enough about how good he looked today . . . the fastball had a lot of life and his curve was falling right off the table.

The Jays put all their runs across in the first three innings, but those five were more than enough.  In addition to the front end of the back-to-back homers in the first, Vernon Wells added a solo shot in the third inning.  The Jays scored their fourth run in the second inning thanks to a Lyle Overbay walk, Jose Molina double and Fred Lewis sac fly.  Otherwise, everyone in the lineup had at least one hit (Lind had two), except Lyle Overbay (who, of course, walked) and Jarrett Hoffpauir, who didn't.

Shawn Camp came on for the ninth to close out the game and he looked good as well.

JotD: Brandon Morrow (.232) was Doctastic and Vernon Wells (.213) gets one as well.  Honourable mention to Lind for his homer.