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I Drove 10 Hours For That?

Phillies: A bunch Blue Jays: Far less

So, well, this was a long day. Up at 6:00 to get the rental car. Wasn't hard to get to the rental car, downtown Toronto looked like an early scene in a bad SF movie. Not a soul to be seen. Except for cops. Drive pretty much like crazy, 10 hours. Really not a terrible drive though, country I haven't seen and not bad traffic, until we hit Philadelphia. I will never complain about Calgary traffic again in my life. 

Got to the hotel in time to throw the suitcase into the room and walk over to the park. 

It is a nice looking park. After the 3 games in Toronto, where the normal poor attendance was hurt by the fact no one from Toronto would want to fight their way to the Dome, man this place was parked. And almost everyone in Phillies colors. Seemed like 50% of them with Halladay's name on their back. 

The game itself? Doc was good. Our batters were bad. The non-home field advantage showed up early when Vernon Wells and Fred Lewis had no idea how a ball would bounce off the right field wall and turned what could have been a double into an easy triple. Vernon also ran a mile to have a ball hit him in the glove and fall to the ground. John Buck's long swing vs. Roy Halladay's pitching isn't a fun thing to watch. Lewis didn't have fun batting against him either. 

Jesse Litsch was terrible. David Purcey nor Brian Tallet at least as bad. Between them they managed to walk Jimmy Rollins 4 times. 

Good things about the game? There weren't many. Casey Janssen pitched 2 good innings. Overbay had two hits. Bautista and Hill each had doubles.

Oh and it was nice to see Adam Lind play a few innings at first base. I saw him working out there on Wednesday when I went to talk to Brian Butterfield. 

Carm wants it noted that making fun of Mounties is not the way to endear yourself to her. That was far less than funny. 

Jay of the Day? I'm giving it to me for driving that far for the game. Suckage to Litsch and Buck. 

There were 30 or so Jay fans around us. Likely a few more in other sections. The next couple of games have to be better. Right?