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Can't Believe I'm Driving 10 Hours Back to Toronto After That...

Phillies 11 Jays 2

Don't really want to talk about the game, other than to say it was nice of the Jays to stink so bad that I didn't have to wait until the end of the game to leave. I could get started back for Ontario after the dozen or so errors in the top of the 7th. Kind of them to think of me. I've never seen such a poor defensive effort. I feel sorry for Jesse Litsch Brett Cecil He didn't pitch well but could have been out of the first if our left fielder could, you know, move towards a ball. And then gave up 2 more in the 4th because Aaron Hill forgot how to throw a ball.

Only other thing I have to say is John McDonald is a LFer like I'm a brain surgeon. He can hold the glove, I could hold the knife. And that's as close as either of us could come to doing the job. First hit of the day, for the Phillies was a fly ball that any LFer would have caught. The Philadelphia fan beside me said 'What's wrong with your left fielder?' I said 'Wait till you see him hit leadoff.' Sorry John, I love you man, but you should play short or second only.

The nice lady sitting in front of me, scoring the game, turned to me and said 'I'm charging all those runs to Cito, I should be manager, I know McDonald isn't an outfielder.' I told her she got my vote.

The line about 'who cares, we aren't going to win this year' is just silly. If we aren't going to win this year, there is even less reason to put Mac out there. We aren't using him to build for next year. Using him (Lord help us) is a 'win now' technique if anything. Just a very very dumb win now technique.

Anyway I've been driving for 7 hours and we stopped in Rochester for the night. So I'm off to bed. Back home tomorrow. As much as the games weren't great, I've enjoyed our trip.