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Star, Star, Teach Me How to Shine: Cleveland 2, Jays 1

Tough loss tonight - things just aren't going right for our heroes.

On the Mound:

Ricky Romero gave a solid effort, despite not having his best.  He made it through 7 good innings, yielding 7 hits, 3 walks, and 2 runs.  Romero struck out two, but he did generate a ton of grounders and got a couple of timely double plays.  

At the Plate:

It was a wash today against solid but unspectacular Cleveland starter Jake Westbrook and the Indians bullpen.  The Jays managed a run in the first inning when Alex Gonzalez and Jose Bautista hit back-to-back doubles.  Vernon Wells singled but Bautista didn't score and that was the closest the Jays got to their second run.  Wells added a double later and Lyle Overbay had a couple of singles.  Other than that, not much doing for the Jays, who continue to struggle mightily when the ball stays in the park. 

From the Pen:

Shawn Camp pitched a scoreless 8th after Scotty Downs gave up a leadoff hit. 

The Jays will hope for better things tomorrow when Brandon Morrow pitches.  Despite the loss, it is always encouraging to see good pitching - we always knew this offense would have its problems.  Fausto Carmona goes for Cleveland. 

Title:  "Star Star" by the Frames.