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Jays lose in 9th again.

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Rays 7 Blue Jays 3

 It is tough being a manager. Wednesday you have lead in the 9th, you bring in the closer, he blows the game and you get ragged on in places like this. 

Thursday, you have a lead in the 9th, you leave the starter in, you lose again and people, like me, are going to complain.

I didn't mind Cito leaving Shaun Marcum in to start the 9th. He was cruising along before that. But I would have pulled him first hit. Cito didn't. The ninth went single, single, force at second, squeeze bunt, double. Then Cito pulled Marcum, but by then it was too late. Jason Frasor walked B.J. Upton. Scott Downs came in and, with the bases loaded, hung a curveball to Carl Crawford. It is a tough spot, coming in with the bases loaded, can't afford to nibble because you can't walk the guy. Downs had to get ahead in the count and go after Crawford and well, Crawford is a pretty good hitter.

Anyway, I'd have pulled Marcum after the first baserunner in the 9th but he had been pitching so well up until then, it is easy to understand why Cito didn't.

Offensively, we had a lot of chances to build a big lead, we had 11 hits on the day. 3 for Overbay, 2 each for Lewis and Buck. And the Rays made 3 errors, trying their best to give us chances to score runs. It just seemed that every time we got runners on, we'd fly out to the track or hit the hard ground ball right into a glove. We hit into 3 double plays. We didn't have any problem getting hits off Price but we did have troubles scoring base runners. 

Jay of the Day: John Buck (.108 WPA) was the only one with the numbers. Suckage Jay? Marcum had the number (-.258) but he pitched so well until the 9th that there is no ways I could give it to him. Vernon Wells gets it for a -.156.

Shaun deserved better. As well as pitching great Marcum made an amazing bare-handed play on a ground ball by Evan Longoria in the fifth. The Jays also got a bit lucky in the 6 when Sean Rodriguez was called out for not touching third on his way home from second on a single. 

The Jays get an off day to try to forget two 9th inning losses in a row, then the Yankees come to town.

Late Add: As Craig points out, I forgot to mention that he and I had a good time at the bar drinking beer and eating chicken wings.  Well, a good time until the 9th inning, but you know. Hopefully next time we can talk some of the other Calgary BBBs to join us.