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Jays at the 1/3 Mark. Report Card Time. Batters.

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We are a third of the way through the season, so figured it was time for report cards. Jays are 31-24 (ok we are 1 game past the 1/3 mark), pretty decent for a team that was supposed to be dead last in the division and, for that matter, dead lase in the major leagues.

John Buck...Grade B+...The guy has a .518 slugging average. Anyone expect that? Yeah he doesn't have a great arm behind the plate and blocking pitches isn't exactly an art form for him but the pitchers seem to like throwing to him.

Jose Molina...Grade B...Great arm, hitting a surprising .286, no power but getting on base (.352). Again, he doesn't block the plate as well as you would like. You would think Cito could use him a bit more.

Lyle Overbay...Grade D-...Brought up his mark in the last little bit. 7 home runs already, almost half of what he had last year. Defense has had it's moments but has been good for the most part. You don't suppose the Angels would like him to fill in while Morales is out?

Aaron Hill...Grade F+...Really he is doing about as well as a guy with a .188 average can do. Has 8 homers, 21 walks and playing good defence. But he's gotta start hitting. Maybe he has: 6 hits in his last 13 at bats.

Alex Gonzalez...Grade B...Had a great start to the season, May wasn't so good, but still is slugging at a .505 rate. His defence has looked good to me, though UZR doesn't like it so much, -7.9 UZR/150.

Edwin Encarnacion...Grade D...Not sure if he should get a D or an incomplete. When he hits the ball it goes a long way. 7 homers in just 79 at bats. But a .203 BA, and too many errors. Does take some walks. Figured it would take a bit to get his swing back after the injury, then he goes and hits a bunch of homers in his first few days back. Now he is having troubles. Likely will get better.

Jose Bautista....Grade A...You couldn't ask for too much more. Had a very hot May. Always been a streaky hitter but this stretch has been amazing. Complained, last night, that I hadn't seen an assist from him in the OF for awhile so he goes and makes a perfect throw a couple of innings later.

Vernon Wells...Grade A...Great April and a pretty good May. Bat looks so much quicker this year. First ball, fast ball hitter which drives you crazy at times but that's where he has success. Defence in CF looks better this year too, though, I think, he looks better going back on the ball than coming in.

Fred Lewis...Grade A-....We get this kind of player for free? 19 doubles puts him second on the team to Vernon's 21 but he has 41 less at bats.

Adam Lind....Grade D...Had just an awful May. Can't imagine his June won't be better. If I was Cito I'd play him in the outfield a bit more. Keep him in the game and give Vernon's legs more days off.

Travis Snider...Grade C+..He was just coming on when he got hurt.

John McDonald...Incomplete...Can't mark a guy that never leaves the bench. Cito play the guy once in a while. Maybe Gonzalez could have the odd day off? Surprising stat? He is slugging .409.

Randy Ruiz...Gone off to Boarding School...Getting about the same amount of playing time from Cito now that he is in Japan.

Mike he really still with the team?

Jeremy Reed...Incomplete...see above.