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Jays at the 1/3 Mark. Report Cards: The Pitchers.

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To this point in the season we have allowed 4.35 runs per game, putting us in the middle of the pack. We lead the league in strikeouts with 421 and strikeouts per 9 with 7.7. We're in the middle of the league in walks with 3.6/ 9. Also tied for the lead in saves with 17 and best in the league in home runs allowed, only 0.7 per 9. I guess it helps that we don't have to face our own batters. 

Shaun Marcum...Grade A...He's had an amazing comeback year, he hasn't allowed more than 4 earned runs in a start and hasn't thrown less than 5 innings in any start. It has been a nice reminder of why I liked him so much. I'd like Cito to treat him gently, he's thrown over 100 pitches every start since his first 2 of the season, though his last start was the first time he threw more than 110.

Ricky Romero....Grade A...He has had a couple of bad starts but he also has our 2 complete games. After an off-season where his ability was debated almost daily around here, it is great to see how good he's been. I don't expect he'll finish the season with the 3.14 ERA he has at the moment, but I can't see why he won't continue to be good. You have to like a pitcher that strikes out more than a batter an inning and has almost a 3 to 1 ground ball to fly ball ratio.

Brandon Morrow...Grade D+...He's had some good starts and some awful starts. He is at 4-4 at the moment and 50/50 is about his ratio of good to bad starts. The coaches talk about how teachable he is, which is a good sign for the future. 

Brett Cecil....Grade B+...He had one really bad start against Texas, but other than that he's been as good as anyone. The most walks he has given up in a start is 3 and he only did that once and he is pitching us deep into games. Couldn't ask for anything more from a 23 year old.

Dana Eveland...Gone...Did give us 4 good starts.

Shawn Camp...Grade A...He has only given up runs in 4 of his appearances. If it wasn't for the bad outing against Boston his ERA would be even better than the 2.48 it is now. Seems to have moved out of that long relief role that Cito had him in last year. Hasn't gone more than 2 innings this year.

Scott Downs...Grade B-....Had a great May after a poor April. Did give up the grand slam the other day but was in a tough spot, going in with the bases loaded and had to throw strikes. Last year he had reverse platoon splits, but not so far this year, but always has been good against RHB, so I've never really liked seeing him used as a one out lefty. 

Kevin Gregg....Grade C....Started off the season amazing, only gave up 1 run in April. Still has only blown 3 saves while picking up 14, so hasn't been all bad but he really doesn't calm the savage breast of us fans when he comes into a game. 

Jason Frasor...Grade C...Had a tough time in April then was nearly perfect in May. Trying to get Cito's confidence again. 

Brian Tallet...Incomplete...But if he can pitch like he did last start.....

Casey Janssen...Grade C...Started the season well, then hit a rough patch the end of April, then was great again through May. Has pitched 3 innings once but never more than 1.2 other than that one time.

Rommie Lewis...Grade B-...Has pitched 3 and 3.2 innings. Has looked quite good for the most part, with 2 or 3 bad showings. 

Josh Roenicke...Incomplete...We had the argument, this summer, over whether Josh was a prospect or a finished product. Right now I'm unsure if he is either.