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Jose Bautista Hits Two Homers, Jays Beat Yankees.

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Yankees 1 Blue Jays 6

Are there any words in the english language that are as fun to type as Jays Beat Yankees? I think I'll do it a few more times. Jays Beat Yankees. Jays Beat Yankees. My two favorite things in one sentence. Jays winning and Yankees losing. 

Anyway. Great game. Great fun to watch. Brett Cecil, yet again, was amazing. 8 innings, 5 hits, 1 walk, 1 earned, 3 strikeouts. Looked smooth and confident all game long. Jason Frasor came in to pitch the 9th. Yeah we are very nervous in the 9th now but he did fine. Gave up a lead off single walk just to make sure we watched till the end, then a strikeout and two fly outs. 

Jose Bautista gave us all the offense we needed. 2 home runs, both big time shots, landing in almost the same spot. Jose also doubled and took a walk. He scored 3 and drove in 3. all in all a pretty decent day. 

Not that it was needed, but Edwin Encarnacion also homered and walked. John Buck had a sac fly and we scored one on a A.J. Burnett wild pitch. 

I don't have any ill feelings towards Burnett, Any of us would have opted out of the contract with the Jays and signed for as much money as we could get, but I'll admit I like beating him.

Jays of the Day are Bautista (.300 WPA) and Cecil (.295). 

Tomorrow we have an afternoon game. Ricky Romero (5-2, 3.14) goes against Andy Pettitte (7-1, 2.48). Wish I was home to watch. Hopefully Bautista can hit a couple more out. 

I should mention that we had a decent crowd today too, 30, 089. Hope they all enjoyed and keep coming back. There is no way you couldn't have had fun at that one. We are just fun to watch.