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Leave Our Excellent Souls, Head For the Coast - Jays 3, Yankees 2 (14 inn)

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Another great game today ends in victory for our azure-tinged heroes!

On the Mound:

Ricky Romero was quite good for the Jays, giving them 8 strong innings and yielding just 2 runs on 5 hits and 4 walks.  Both runs scored on a Derek Jeter home run.   Other than that pitch, he kept the ball on the ground (10 grounders vs. 4 balls in the air) and did a very nice job against a very tough lineup.

At the Plate:

Andy Pettitte was matching Romero pitch for pitch so the Jays managed only 2 runs off he and Joba Chamberlain, sending a 2-2 game into extra innings.  Both runs against Pettitte came on solo home runs, one by Wells in the 2nd and the second by Alex Gonzalez in the 7th.  The game stayed in a tight, tense Gordian knot until the Jays took the win in the 14th inning, when Aaron Hill singled home Edwin Encarnacion.  Encarnacion had a great game at the plate, reaching base 4 times in 6 tries.  Lyle Overbay matched him, while Vernon Wells and Aaron Hill each reached thrice.  On the other hand, John Buck, Adam Lind, and Fred Lewis had ugly 0-6 days, though Lind did drive one deep to the wall in the 10th requiring a fine catch by Nick Swisher.

From the Pen:

Despite the great job by Romero, this was really the key to victory for the Jays.  The pen pitched 6 scoreless innings, simply refusing to give up a run until the O came through.  Scott Downs pitched a good ninth, Kevin Gregg a tense 10th, and then Shawn Camp and Janssen came in and each tossed 2 very nice scoreless innings, with Janssen ultimately getting a win for his efforts.  It was well deserved, as he struck out 3 in his 2 innings, had 2 ground outs to add to that, and gave up just one baserunner, a Jorge Posada single in the 14th.  Janssen struck out Francisco Cervelli and, after the pinch runner had stolen second, stranded the runner by getting Brett Gardner to fly out. 

A very exciting and impressive effort, with Janssen, Camp, Romero, Gregg, Downs, and Hill all qualifying for Jays of the Day, with Overbay close enough that we'll give it to him as well.  Honourable mention to Encarnacion for starting the late-inning rally and to Wells for hitting it out and reaching 2 other times.  Now tomorrow, the Jays try for the sweep!  Brandon Morrow pitches for the Jays while Javier Vasquez goes for the Yankees

Title from "Little Faith" from the National's High Violet record, which is better than some give it credit for.