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Draft Day!!

So, today is draft day!  The fun begins at 7 pm tonight!  For all the best draft coverage, check out MLB Bonus Baby .  Currently in their various mock drafts, they have had the Jays selecting Cal State Fullerton SS Christian Colon, Florida High School hurler Karsten Whitson, and Washington State high school outfielder Josh Sale, as well as right handed high school pitcher Stetson Allie, with their first-round pick (11th overall).  The Jays have had some luck with Cal State Fullerton (Ricky Romero, Reed Johnson), and with Washington high school products (Travis Snider).  Of course, a lot depends on how conservative the Jays want to play it.  Unlike some of the later picks that have come via compensation for failure to sign draftees last year, the first-round pick is protected, and if the Jays are going to make a daring move early, it's likely to come with a protected pick. 

As we've mentioned in the past, the Jays have 10 picks in the top 100 or so, and have reportedly allocated a lot of money to signing their picks.  It's a very exciting day for the Jays and a chance to really expand the depth and breadth of their system.  So stay tuned!

Tom: I'm going to add a little plug for Andy Seiler's 2010 MLB Draft Notebook. He has profiles of 755 potential draft picks and it is only $9.99 US, available through his site, MLB Bonus Baby. I will likely steal from it a lot tonight.