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Some Draft Day Questions for Andy Seiler of MLB Bonus Baby

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Andy Seiler knows more about the draft than anyone should. His answers are in bold.

The Jays have 10 picks in the first 4 rounds and they tell us they have plenty of money in the budget to sign their picks. Is there enough talent in the draft for this to franchise changing couple of days?

There's plenty of talent for the Jays to change the outlook of their franchise with this draft. I don't think you'll see as many over slot candidates as have been mentioned since the front office changed, but it will be a lot of talent coming in at the same time, so that always helps. The Diamondbacks were in a similar position last year, and even if they miss on a few of their picks, there are enough other ones to pick up the slack.

With those 10 picks, should the Jays be looking at college or high school players, for the most part?

I'm a big believer in balance. A draft without balance is doomed to either have too much risk or too little risk, so balancing it out is key. They should look at more high school players than they have in the past, but that's a function of the new scouting philosophy, not just a balance thing.

Which guys are the our most likely choices for our top pick, number 11 in the first round?

I'm hearing a lot of whispers around Delino DeShields, who I saw just a few weeks ago. Josh Sale is their preference from everything I'm told, but it's looking less and less like he'll be available. If both DeShields and Sale are off the table, then they're likely to be much more conservative with their pick, maybe grabbing the top college pitcher still on the board.

Any chance the Jays draft Paxton again? Or for that matter any Boras' 'advised player?

They might draft a Boras player or two, but only ones that are deemed signable enough to not wreck the rest of their draft. Paxton is probably a legitimate option, but as of this morning, I hadn't heard whether he had signed the waiver to be re-drafted by them or not.

Is there any chance of a surprise in the first 4 or 5 picks, or are you pretty sure how the first few will go?

I was pretty sure until I was doing a second confirmation on the Yasmani Grandal to the Royals connection and that was essentially shot down. Not completely, but it was said that a final deal is not in place, nor is it close enough to saying it's going to happen. I think the top three are set, but 4 and 5 are more fluid.

I wouldn't be a good Canadian if I didn't ask who the top 3 or 4 draftable Canuks are and what rounds they might go in?

If you're talking just high school players, the list includes Kellin Deglan, Evan Rutckyj, and Evan Grills. Deglan's easily the best, and he could go in the area of the late first round into the early second round. Rutckyj should be in the 4th-7th round range, and Grills should be in the 4th-7th round equation as well. Rutckyj does have the helium to go a bit higher.

I'm really enjoying your draft handbook. 750 profiles? That must have taken months to put together.

Well, unfortunately for me and fortunately for you, I had the cutoff date for raw information in place for just two weeks ago. All of the final profiles weren't written until after that date. It's all up-to-date so that you have the best information possible.

Andy's handbook is available through his site, MLB Bonus Baby. Cheap at $9.99 US and it really does have a ton of information and is fun reading.