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Draft Day Two Open Thread

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The second round of the draft starts at noon Eastern time. We have 3 picks in the second round, numbers 62, 69 and 81. Then we have 1 in the 3rd round, number 94 and a compensation pick between the 3rd and 4th round, pick number 114. After that we have one pick a round the rest of the way.

Yesterday we picked a bunch of right handed pitchers. Yeah I think I'd have gone after a bat with that first pick, but I'll defer to people that have actually seen them play. I wonder if they would have taken Delino Deshields if he was still on the board. None of the four are anything to complain about. Well, I could complain about the Jays habit of picking up players whose names I'll never learn how to spell. Noah Syndergaard and Asher Wojciechowski? If and when either one makes the majors, I am getting a jersey with the name on. 

There are some good bats left. I'd imagine that most of the next few picks will be batters.