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I love it when a plan comes together - GM 60 - Jays @ Rays

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Well that didn't work. Time for plan B. Send in.... the A team... wait what? What do you mean we don't have an A team? I want my Hannibal and B.A!... Fine. Time for plan C. Send in... The Marcum.

Game 1 of this series was all about luring the Rays into a false sense of security. After that 9-0 drubbing they are going to think they can just walk all over us... We have them just where we want them. No? Ok fine .. fine.. we stunk. We stunk bad. Everything about game 1 was just horrible. We didn't pitch well. We definitely didn't hit well. And we didn't field the greatest (although McCoy made a fantasticals catch early in the game in shallow centre with an over the shoulder catch). We just didn't have anything for Niemann as he just cruised to his 6th victory of the year. I have a feeling which has been reported in many locations that this was probably Tallet's last start as a regular rotation starter, if that is the case I just want to take a moment to say Thank you to Tallet who has filled in admirably last year in an emergency situation and while I have never been a big fan of his I still like having him on the team as a Long guy/swing man out of the Pen. Don't fret too much Tallet, we just want you in the position that puts you and the team in the best position for success.

Today on the mound we send our Ace, number 23 in your programs but number 1 in your hearts. Shaun Marcum! RAAAH RAAAH and the crowd goes wild! He will be taking on the evil villian David Price BOOO!! BOOO!!!. Last time out these two matched each other pitch for pitch with Price going 8 strong innings. Marcum went 8 strong but then was sent out for the 9th. That was where things started to unravel as between Marcum, Frasor and Downs the Rays ended up scoring 6 and leaving many of us banging out heads against the wall trying to figure out what the heck just happened. Today needs to be better then that. And heck it's gotta be better then yesterday right? Price is looking for his 9th win of the season and would be the first AL pitcher to reach the mark.

2010 - Shaun Marcum 5-2 12 12 0 0 0 0 81.1 68 26 25 5 17 62 2.77 1.05

2010 - David Price 8-2 11 11 1 1 0 0 74.2 58 24 19 6 27 53 2.29 1.14

Our lineup isn't changing. Originally on the BlueJays Twitter feed it mentioned Gonzalez would be back today but a correction was followed shortly thereafter that showed that McCoy would be in the lineup again. So we are throwing out the same lineup as yesterday.

For the bullpen I would venture a guess that both Lewis and Janssen are unavailable as they threw 45 and 26 pitches each yesterday. Purcey would probably be good to go, but we all know the odds of him playing, let alone playing two games in a row. EDIT actually it seems Lewis has been demoted. Litsch has been recalled to take the 5th spot in the rotation and Tallet bumped to Pen. Oh and by the by Richmond is throwing again in the minors.

Tune in after the jump for lineup and series info

Current Series

Rays lead the series 1-0

Tue 06/08 WP: Jeff Niemann (6 - 0)
LP: Brian Tallet (1 - 2)
0 - 9 loss

Toronto Blue Jays
@ Tampa Bay Rays

Wednesday, Jun 9, 2010, 7:10 PM EDT
Tropicana Field

Shaun Marcum vs David Price

. Game time temperature around .

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Thu 06/10 7:10 PM EDT


Toronto Blue Jays @ Tampa Bay Rays

06/09/10 7:10 PM EDT

Toronto Blue Jays Tampa Bay Rays
Fred Lewis - LF B.J. Upton - CF
Aaron Hill - 2B Carl Crawford - LF
Adam Lind - DH Evan Longoria - 3B
Vernon Wells - CF Kelly Shoppach - DH
Jose Bautista - RF Sean Rodriguez - 2B
Lyle Overbay - 1B Ben Zobrist - RF
John Buck - C Carlos Pena - 1B
Edwin Encarnacion - 3B Dioner Navarro - C
Mike McCoy - SS Reid Brignac - SS

Keep it Civil and Go Jays Go

Today's title comes from The A Team.