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Can anyone here play this game? Jays lose again to Indians.

Blue Jays 1 Indians 6

Well, we did score. I guess that's the good news. 

We got 8 hits. But no walks and only 2 extra base hits, both doubles, one each for Lind and Molina. 

Shaun Marcum was great for 3 innings, then started the 4th off with 2 walks, a strikeout and then 2 home runs. A couple more runs scored on 3 singles, helped along by a Fred Lewis error. 

Brian Tallet fought through 2 scoreless innings and Casey Janssen pitched 2 good innings, but by then it was over.

I don't know why no body can play third decently for us. Bautista made one 'official' error. Bobbled another one that cost us a hit on a play he really should have made. Shouldn't really pick on him, he wasn't the only guy that had a bad game. But no one seems to be able to play third. We'd have 4 straight games with an error from our third baseman had the scorer not changed yesterday's Johnny Mac error to a hit. 

No Jay of the Day today. Shaun Marcum is the only guy to have Suckage numbers, but you could give it to all our hitters. Bautista at very least deserves honorable (dishonorable) suckage mention.

We head into New York to face the Yankees for 3 afternoon games after that fun sweep to the Indians. 

Maybe Alex, we could make some trades. Bring up some of the young guys.