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Kevin Youkilis reminds me why I hate him so much.

So my buddy Kevin Youkilis comes up second inning, strikes out looking, and complains/whines to the umpire. 4th inning he comes up again, strikes looking and complains/whines about it. The term take it up like a man comes to mind. 6th inning, a pitch comes inside to him, misses him but he starts off to first like he was hit. Since the ball didn't hit him, the umpire calls him back to the plate. But he whines and complains and the 2nd base umpire over rules the plate umpire. Clearly the 2nd base ump is able to see it from behind second better than the umpire behind the plate. I guess they figure if Youkilis is going to complain about every call they should just let him umpire. 

It frustrated Cito too, who came out and argued for a long time. It all ended well anyway, Cito pulled Shawn Camp, since he had pitched 1.2 up till that point and then had to stand around and get cold during that long bit of acting. Jason Frasor came in and got a ground out to end the inning. 

As much as that pissed me off it was still an enjoyable game. Aside, of course, from the Red Sox whining over every called strike, Youkilis personality has effected the whole team, not one of them can take a called strike without complaining (even manager Terry Francona got booted for arguing a strike call, along with Mike Cameron). It gets tiring, I don't know umpires put up with it.