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One bad inning costs us. Red Sox beat Jays.

Red Sox 3 Jays 2

Jesse Listch had a no hitter going with 2 out in the 6th, then he gave up a double to Marco Scutaro, a homer to Darnell McDonald and then a homer to David Ortiz. Other than that one inning he gave up just one hit and one walk. It's tough to tell if he was pitching that good or if the batters were just having that much trouble with the sun that was just behind the pitchers mound early in the game. Apparently there was a problem with the roof, so part of it was closed causing a shadow that covered the field from just beyond the pitchers mound on in. It seemed to cause the batters problems. 

Our Jays batters had the same troubles. We only managed 8 hits and no walks. Our two runs scored in the 7th on a Aaron Hill homer. Edwin Encarnacion and Alex Gonzalez had 2 hits each. Everyone else had one, excepting Fred Lewis, Jose Bautista and Vernon Wells. Each could have made it a different game with a hit at the right moment. 

Jay of the Day? We'll give it to Hill with a .090 WPA. Suckage goes to Bautista (-.172), Lewis (-.160), Buck (-.120) and Wells (-.118). 

It would have been nice to pin a blown save on Papilbon but it didn't happen. Lyle Overbay did work a single, but other than that we had 3 first pitch outs. It didn't look like they were bad pitches to swing at, just were missed. 

The Jays have 4 days off now, other than our All-Stars. We start up again on Friday in Baltimore.  Romero, Morrow and Marcum will be our starting pitchers for that series. I'm hoping/expecting Travis Snider will be up by then too.