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It's Getting Better All the Time: Bluebird Banter Top Prospects Review #21-30

Hugo looked at our middle group yesterday here and I checked how our top ten are doing here. This is a review of the guys that are on our list from the offseason. Next we will look at players that have been added to the organization and players that may be playing themselves onto our list. 

Title is, of course, from the Beatles, because I haven't used a Beatle's lyric for days now. 

21. Tim Collins, RP - Gone. He was doing great in New Hampshire. 43 innings, 27 hits, 16 walks, 73 k. 2.51 with 9 saves. He didn't allow an earned run in his last 10 appearances. Not that it matters for us now.

22. Ryan Schimpf, 2B - Our 5th round pick last year. He did well in Auburn like last year. This year, he was moved up to Lansing, and it  isn't going as well, he's hitting just .221/.329/.373 with 5 HR and 11 steals. He is just 22 and in his first full pro season but other than his ability to take a walk, not much is going well for him. We aren't deep in second basemen but he is going to have to get the bat going.

23. Josh Roenicke, RP - Used, let's say, sparingly by Cito at the start of the season. When he was used he couldn't find the strike zone. 12.2 major league innings, 11 walks, 12k. Talk about a pitcher that misses bats. In Vegas he is 5-0 with a 3.38 ERA, pretty decent for a PCL pitcher. Add in that he has ‘only' walked 12 while striking out 29 in 29.1 innings. I think if he got regular work, in the majors, he could do ok, but I don't think that's going to happen with Cito.

24. Justin Jackson, SS - We dropped him to 24th from being in the top 10 a year before but the way things are going this year, we didn't drop him far enough. He was hurt at the start of the season so that did slow him, then he was moved down from Dunedin to Lansing. He was hitting well before the injury in Dunedin, in just a few at bats. In Lansing, in 22 games, he is hitting .238/.307/.250 with 6 steals. No power at all, though it could have something to do with the broken finger he is recovering from. He is just 21, so if he could stay away from the injuries for a while, things could turn around.

25. Andrew Liebel, SP - With the number of starter prospects we have Liebel needed a really good season to step forward and he isn't having it. He is 5-5 with a 5.86 ERA in Dunedin. He is walking way too many, 31 in 63 innings, which hasn't been a problem in the past. He has gone from walking 2.3/9 last year to walking 4.4/9 this year. It is only his second full season of pro ball, but he is 24, so he really needed to show something to stay on the prospect list and he hasn't, to this point anyway.

26. Darin Mastroianni, CF - He has been terrific this year, .310/.407/.408 with 33 steals in New Hampshire. You would think it is about time he moved up to Vegas. The worry is that, since there is no power, as he moves up pitchers won't be walking him as much, they won't be scared of letting him hit. Without the walks he doesn't have that much value. It would be nice to move him up and see how it goes.

27. John Tolisano, 2B - Hitting a little better than last year, .252/.337/.404. He was doing much better before the start of July, this month he is hitting .175/.250/.300. Don't know why he has dropped off so badly. He has been playing more third base than second this season and has also played some at each outfield spot. He is still just 21, but it would be nice to see some consistency with the bat soon.

28. Michael McDade, 1B - Hitting the ball hard in Dunedin, .270/.313/.478, with 16 homers. Lots of home runs, but could take the odd walk. His slugging average by month, this season, starting with April: .368,.587,.464, .409. Power is what is going to carry him but it would help him to get on base some. A switch hitter, last year he hit far better from the left side. This year he is far more even, a OPS of .744 against lefties and .804 against right handers. Just 21.

29. Daniel Farquhar, RP - Right handed side arm thrower. 4.67 ERA with 46 k and 32 walks in 44 innings. Way too many walks. Had just a terrible May, 9.69 ERA but has just given up 1 earned in 9.1 innings this month. His walk rate is going the wrong way. In 2008 he walked 2.2/9, 2009 walked 5.8/9, this year 6.5/9.Throws hard from low down, but you have to hit the strike zone.

30. Scott Campbell, 2B - He hasn't played at all this season with a hip injury. The Jays don't say much about it. At 25 he really can't afford to miss a whole year, which is too bad, he was a favorite of mine. If he doesn't come back from the injury, we'll have to find a different New Zealander to cheer on.