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Travis Snider Optioned to New Hampshire.

Travis Snider is activated from the DL and optioned to Double-A New Hampshire. I can't figure out why at all. Seems like a stupid move on many levels. The suggestion is that he is down so the team can make a trade and open roster room, but they could send Dwayne Wise down to make room for Travis. That wouldn't screw up any trade. Optioning Snider means that he can't be called up to Toronto for 10 days. 

At worst having Snider up would allow some guys to have the odd day off. You could rotate Encarnacion, Bautista, Wells, Lind, Lewis and Overbay and give each one a day off every 7. IF all those guys stayed with the team all season it would mean about 7 days off each, not a bad thing.

Snider has nothing left to prove in the minors.