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Yunel Escobar hits Grand Slam, Jays Thump Orioles

Blue Jays 10 Orioles 1

Well I think we can quit the Escobar is so lazy jokes. Not sure if it is the change of scenery or having teammates that are on his side or just small sample size, but I can't see why the Braves would get rid of this guy. Even if he wasn't hitting, his defense by itself would make it worth watching the games. Anyway, count me as a fan. He was 3 for 4, with the grand slam and 5 total RBI.

The rest of our offense was pretty good too, 15 hits, 10 runs, 3 doubles. John Buck and Edwin Encarnacion also had 3 hits each. Vernon Wells and Lyle Overbay had 2. Everyone else in the lineup had 1 except for Jose Bautista and Aaron Hill and they each had a walk and a run.

Shaun Marcum wasn't great, but we was good enough. Fought through 5 innings before Cito took him out. Considering the big lead, it was a good idea to get him out and keep his inning count down. Shaun gave up 9 hits, only one for extra bases, no walks and 4 k. 

Brian Tallet pitched 2 good innings (no really he did). He was helped out by a nice double play started by EE, after he walked the first batter he saw on four pitches. That was the only baserunner against him. Casey Janssen and David Purcey each pitched a scoreless inning. 

Jays of the Day are Escobar (.285 WPA) and Buck (.170). No Suckage Jays today. 

Unfortunately the Jays have to leave Baltimore now. They are 9-0 against the O's, this year and have outscored them 48-16. Fortunately we are off to KC. Hope they can continue the good play there. These games have been so much fun to watch.