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One Millionth Visitor!

We had our 1,000,000th visitor a few minutes ago (well at least by Site Counter, our other in house counter had us at a million a few days ago). It took 4.5 years to get here but, back when we were only getting 100 visits a day, I didn't think I'd live long enough to see it.

No prize for the for the Millionth, because we have no way of knowing who it was. But we'll have free balloons and hot dogs for everyone. Only problem is, you can buy the 1,000,000 package of hot dogs but buns come in packs of 800,000.

Anyway, thanks to everyone for coming in. Keep it up and bring your friends, let's see if we can get the next million in under 4 years. It is comments, fanposts and fanshots that make this place fun.