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You Were Languishing in Rooms I Built to File You In - 7/1 Minor League Recap

Las Vegas lost 9-2 to Reno:

J.P. Arencibia and Chris Lubanski each reached twice with a double.

Aaron Matthews was 2-4 with a home run to account for both runs.  

Brad Emaus and Mike McCoy were both 1-4.  McCoy made an error at short.

Not much else to write home about, Lance Broadway had another rough start, when you give up 12 hits and 6 walks in just over 5 innings, that's not going to end well. 

Merkin Valdez pitched a couple of scoreless innings.

New Hampshire lost 1-0 to New Britain: 

As you'd expect from the score, not much hitting for the Fisher Cats.  Adam Loewen was 2-4.  Hitting .268/.359/.463 with 9 home runs, a triple, and 21 doubles. 

Brian Jeroloman was 1-3 with a walk and thus was the only other F-Cat to reach twice. 

Adrian Martin (3) and Alan Farina (1) combined for four scoreless innings to end the game.  Farina struck out the side in his inning around a hit, while Martin got 8 of his 9 outs on the ground and the other via the strikeout. 


Dunedin lost 4-1 to Brevard County (you can hardly expect a town to beat a whole county):

Brad McElroy lead off and was 2-4 with a home run for the Jays' only run. 

Mark Sobolewski, Justin McClanahan, and Welinton Ramirez had the Jays' only other hits, all singles, and Mike McDade drew the only walk.  Ouch.

Charles Huggins started and gave up all four runs over his 7 2/3 innings, but two were unearned due to a Sobolewski error.  He struck out 3 and walked one.  2.84 ERA for Dunedin thusfar, with middling K numbers but good walk numbers. 


Lansing dropped a 3-2 game to South Bend (noticing a trend?):

Ryan Goins was 2-4 with two singles.  .308/.372/.419. 

Yan Gomes (down from Dunedin) and Balbino Fuenmayor (.234/.279/.369 in his second year at Lansing) had doubles. 

Jack-of-all-trades Kevin Nolan played right field and was 2-4. 

Justin Jackson was 1-4 and Kevin Ahrens 0-3 with a walk.  Neither is hitting at all this season thusfar.

Ryan Tepera made the start and was decent, giving up 3 runs over his 6 innings, striking out 7 but walking 3 to go along with two wild pitches, which hurt him. 7-3 now on the season with a 3.14 ERA and 57/23 K/BB ratio (86 IP). 


Auburn won 1-0 over Batavia (yay!  still, what's with the lack of offense?  Is the major-league team rubbing off?)

Lance Durham (1-3) scored the only run on a Yeico Aponte (1-3) double. 

Marcus Knecht (2-4) had the only other extra-base hit, a double.  .304/.340/.370. 

Sam Strickland made his third start and was stellar, 6 scoreless innings, 5 Ks and 2 walks. 


The GCL Jays beat the GCL Pirates 5-2. 

Travis Snider was 1-4 leading off.  Come back soon, Moonraker!

Chris Hawkins continued to make the Jays happy for drafting him a month ago.  He was 2-4 and is now hitting .323.284/.484.  Pretty good for a kid who's not even 19 yet. 

Jacob Marsinick was 1-3 with a double and a walk.  .342/.435/.605 with 3 steals (not yet been caught) so far in 10 games. 

Gari Pena hit a 2-run home run from the shortstop spot. 

Pierce Rankin was 1-2 with a double and walk and is off to a nice start behind the plate, .259/.394/.370. 

Title from "Circles," the classic Soul Coughing song.