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Five RBI for Jose Bautisa, Jays Win Laugher

Blue Jays 13 Royals 1

After a game filled with mistakes yesterday, everyone (on our side) did just about everything right. 

Jesse Litsch had a good start. 5.2, just 1 earned run. He did give up 8 hits but they were all singles and just about all hit very softly. He didn't walk anyone or strikeout anyone, strikeouts would be nice but nothing was hit hard all night. Cito took him out early, I thought. Maybe they are being careful with his arm. He did give up 3 singles that inning. 

The pen did a good job again. David Purcey, Casey Janssen, Jason Frasor and Brian Tallet pitched the last 3.1 scoreless innings. 

Offensively we got 16 hits on the day. 3 hits each for Jose Bautista, Aaron Hill, John Buck and Edwin Encarnacion. Two for Adam Lind. The only one not to get a hit was John McDonald who was 0 for 6. The idea of Mac batting second is just stupid, to me. He did make some nice plays at short. Bautista and Lind hit home runs. Buck and Encarnacion had 3 doubles each. Bautista drove in 5 and Edwin drove in 3.

Edwin also took the Royals starter Anthony Lerew. He hit a hard line drive right back at him. Got him in the arm and ribs. I wouldn't want to be a pitcher. 

Aaron Hill got his average up over (.202) for the first time since May 19th. He also made three amazing jumping catches, one he didn't hold on to when he hit the ground, but he was just great on both side of the ball today. 

Jays of the Day are Bautista (.212 WPA) and Litsch (.139). Honorable mention to Lewis, Hill, Buck, EE and Lind. And maybe the weatherman. It looked like the game might be called before the 5th inning for a bit there, but the rain let up enough. No Suckage Jay. McDonald had the worst number (-.085) but, like Hugo said, it wasn't his fault that he was batting second and as always he played great D.

Tomorrow Scrabble (0-0, 5.40) goes up against Zack Greinke (5-9, 3.67). It is an afternoon game. 2:00 Eastern. 

The game thread was fun again tonight, join us tomorrow if you can.