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Buck Martinez drives me crazy, oh and Jays lose.

Kind of a cool picture Zack Greinke warming up.  (Photo by Jamie Squire/Getty Images)
Kind of a cool picture Zack Greinke warming up. (Photo by Jamie Squire/Getty Images)
Getty Images

Blue Jays 2 Royals 5

That wasn't fun.

Don't want to talk about the game, I'm sure I will, but first. Buck Martinez, among the brilliant things he and Pat said, told us the Jay have to "dial up the in intensity". The difference, between the Jays and the Yankees, we are told is 'intensity'. Not, you know, $150 million in salary. Or talent. Or any of that. It is intensity. Thanks Buck. 

Anyway, bad game. Marc Rzepczynski didn't pitch well. He started pretty good but ran out of gas by the 5th inning. He tends to throw too many pitches, I guess we all know that. But he gets ahead and then misses the zone by 3 feet until we have a full count. 4.2 for him, 9 hits, 1 walk, 3 k. Casey Janssen and David Purcey did great in relief. 

Offense? There wasn't much. We got our first run off a Edwin Encarnacion double (5th double in the last 3 games) and a John McDonald double (good thing he was batting second). Vernon Wells had 3 hits. Overbay and Hill had one each. 0 fors for Adam Lind (though he got on on an error in the 9th, stupid score is supposed to know when a guy is on a hit streak and give him a hit on those), Jose Bautista (looked lost at the plate, but then he was great yesterday), and Jose Molina. Fred Lewis and Dwayne Wise also shared an 0 for 4. Lewis left the game after rolling his ankle. He is day to day. 

Update: Adam Lind's ground ball that was called an error has been changed to a hit. He retroactively has a 14 game hitting streak. Someone obviously told the scorer that Lind had a hitting streak going. 

Zack Grienke is pretty good at that pitching stuff, so shouldn't feel too bad about losing to him but we didn't look good doing it. 

No Jays of the Day. Mac gets closest (.068) for driving in the first run of the day. Suckage Jay is Scrabble (-.182).

We are off to Detriot for four games there. Tomorrow's is another afternoon game. Is it a holiday on that side of the border? 

I'm going to go try to get the taste of this game out of my mouth. Have a good afternoon.