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Jays Announce Signing Sean Nolin

Here is the press release:


The TORONTO BLUE JAYS have signed LHP SEAN NOLIN, selected in the 6th round (186th overall) of the 2010 First Year Player Draft. The Seaford, New York native compiled a record of 12-0 with a 1.98 ERA including 84 strikeouts over 82.0 innings in 14 starts with San Jacinto Junior College this season.

The Blue Jays have now signed 22 of the 56 picks selected from the 2010 June draft. A complete list of the signed picks is as follows:


1A 34 RHP SANCHEZ, Aaron Barstow High

1A 38 RHP SYNDERGAARD, Noah Legacy High

1A 41 RHP WOJCIECHOWSKI, Asher The Citadel

3 93 3B HAWKINS, Christopher North Gwinnett High

3A 113 OF KNECHT, Marcus Connors State Jr. Col

6 186 LHP NOLIN, Sean San Jacinto Jr. Col

14 426 RHP MARZE, Dayton Louisiana-Lafayette

16 486 OF POMPEY, Dalton John Frasor High

19 576 RHP GARRETT, Travis Cypress Jr. Col

20 606 LHP CHARLES, Art Bakersfield Jr. Col

23 696 OF GOMEZ, Angel Maria Cruz Buitrago High

24 726 OF MELENDEZ, Ronnie Cowley County Jr. Col

29 876 OF JONES, Jonathan Long Beach State

30 906 OF MCQUAIL, Stephen Canisius

32 966 2B FERMIN, Andy Chipola Jr. Col

33 996 OF GARCIA, Melvin James Monroe High

34 1026 RHP POWELL, Tyler Belmont Abbey

35 1056 RHP BARNES, Daniel Princeton

38 1146 C RANKIN, Pierce Washington

40 1206 RHP BERL, Brandon St. Mary's

42 1266 RHP PERMISON, Drew Towson

49 1476 2B ABRAHAM, Matt Eckerd


Tom back: Course we know that the Jays have also signed Dicky Thon, Jr. but won't announce it until the deadline. I thought we might as well put up the official list.