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Poll Time: Will Lyle Overbay be Traded by the Deadline?

Lyle, as you likely all know, started the season with as cold a bat as you'll ever see. May came and he did hit 5 home runs, but he still wasn't hitting great. In June the average and on base came up but no power. This month he has put it all together, hitting .323/.380/.538. Through it all he defense has, as always, been great.

There are a few teams looking for help at first base, but then there are a bunch of them available for trade. Lyle is one of the good guys, I'd be sorry to see him go, but on the flip side I'd like to see Brett Wallace.

Remember the question is not 'do you want to see him traded' but 'will he be traded'.

Update: Oh right, I should have mentioned the 'no trade claus' that has caused a bit of an blogosphere uproar. To me? A total non-issue. No way does Lyle block a trade to a contender. He knows he's not here next year, why not play in a pennant race for a couple of months and showcase yourself before free agency? He'd be a fool not to.