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Sunday Bantering: Wednesday's Starter, Scott Downs Rumors

One effect of today's double header is that we won't have a starter available for Wednesday. Cito has said that it is likely a starter will be called up from Triple-A. Odds are it would be Brad Mills, unless the Jays decide to give the start to Brian Tallet. That would depend on how much work Tallet gets today. With two games today and Cecil and Litsch pitching, odds are we will need a few innings out of the pen. 

I know folks would like Kyle Drabek to get the spot start but he is getting near the number of innings the Jays would like him to throw this year. I'd very much doubt they would want to use him.

The bad part about Brad Mills being called up is that Travis Snider will have to wait a bit longer before he gets to come up to Toronto. It looks like we won't see him until Friday.

In other news, the Scott Downs trade rumors are heating up. MLB Trade Rumors figures the Yankees and Red Sox are the front runners but a number of teams are interested in him. I can't see why anyone wouldn't be. I guess we'll see today, if Downs doesn't pitch, odds are he is gone. 

With Maggilo Ordonez hurt and likely out for the rest of the season, the Tigers will be looking for someone to fill the spot. If I was them I'd be asking about Jose Bautista