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Why Can't We Play the Orioles More?

Orioles 5 Blue Jays 9

That was fun, we should have the Orioles come to town more often. 10-0 against them this year. 

Lots of offense tonight. 13 hits. Home runs for Aaron Hill, Adam Lind and Jose Bautista. Lind had 3 hits. Bautista, Hill and Edwn Encarnacion had 2. Everyone else had 1 except Lyle Overbay, who didn't look good at the plate, but then he wasn't needed. 

I was a bit worried that the 10 days off would be hard on Brandon Morrow, but he looked pretty sharp. 6 innings, 5 hits, 4 walks and 6k. Cito took him out at 99 pitches. I'm glad Cito is still being careful with his young starters. Casey Janssen had a rough time, but then if you are going to have a bad day, it might as well be when we are up by 6, he has had four bad outings this season but then he sometimes goes a week between appearances. His last time out there was the 21st. A little more consistent work wouldn't be a bad thing. David Purcey got the save getting the last 4 outs, without working up a sweat. 

Jays of the Day are Morrow (.251 WPA), Lind (.164) and Hill (.158, nice to see after 3 Suckage games in a row). Hill got his average over .200 again (.202) too. Purcey and Bautista deserve honorable mention. OVerbay got Suckage numbers (-.097).

Tomorrow Ricky Romero gets continue our win streak against the O's. Kevin Millwood is the sacrificial lamb.