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Tuesday Banterings

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You would think, with the trade deadline just a few days away, that there would be stuff to write about this morning. Nope. 

We could talk about rumors I suppose. Let's see, Scott Downs could be traded to the Yankees or the Red Sox. Or perhaps the Phillies. Maybe the Twins. Could be the Angels. Actually, just list any team that is in the playoff hunt. I guess we didn't learn anything there. I'll admit I get bored with trade rumors, half of them are made up in some reporter's head.

Various reporters, who feel their job is more team spokesperson than news reporter, have stated that Anthopoulos wants too much for Downs. They did the same when Roy Halladay was up trade. I really don't know what the gain is for saying that. Alex has to try to get as much as he thinks a player is worth. In Down's case, would it hurt the team if he wasn't traded? Not really. We'd get something back when/if he signs with another team. So Buster Olney and all other reporters that think the Jays should be happy to take anything the Red Sox or Yankees offer, shut up.

In the Globe and Mail, Robert Macleod has a piece on Alex Anthopoulos. It basically can be summed up in four words: "found nothing, reporting same." Here is a taste:

And there's no point asking him if he foresees whether the Blue Jays of the future will be built around speed or power, team defence or pitching.

He's not sure.

"I don't think we'd ever tie ourselves down to a specific style," he said. "And I say that because you never know what will become available to you in a trade, you don't know what will become available to you in free agency.

"You have to be able to adapt."

Surprise, Alex wants to get the best players possible. 

Jeff Blair has a nice bit on Andre Dawson. Dawson was one of my favorite players, when I first got into baseball. Speed, power, defense. He didn't walk much but then what 10 year old wants to watch a player take a walk. I wonder what kind of career he would have had if he had good knees. I enjoyed his speech. Glad he mentioned his Expo teammates. I liked the line about Warren Crowmartie calling Gary Carter 'Teeth', because when the cameras turned on, that's all you could see of Carter. 

Congratulations Hawk, glad you are in. Now I have to make another trip to the Hall.