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Brad Mills Gets His First Major League Win, Jays Beat Orioles

Orioles 0 Blue Jays 5

This is going to be short, Craig and I had a few at the bar while enjoying the game and I'm not quite 100%. But it was a nice time and a great game. 

Brad Mills was terrific. 7 innings, 2 hits, 3 walks and 4 k. I don't think he gave up a hard hit ball all game. Cito took him out at 92 pitches. He might have been able to go longer but there was no reason to take the chance. Best to take him out while he was doing well than to take a chance on him having a bad inning. David Purcey was an interesting choice to come in with a one run lead, but he got two quick outs, then Jason Frasor came in to get Miguel Tejada. We scored 4 in the bottom of the 8th before Kevin Gregg came in to get the last 3 outs. 2 k's and a fly out. 

Offensively we did enough. Vernon Wells singled to lead off the second and Adam Lind singled on a hit and run. Wells scored when Corey Patterson's give Linds ball a kick.  In the bottom of the 8th Lyle Overbay hit a 3 run home right after the O's decided to walk Aaron Hill intentionally. I don't know who the Orioles use as an advanced scout, but he ought to be fired. It was good to see Lyle make them pay.

Jays of the Day are Mills (.470 WPA), Lind (.231) and Purcey (.096). Aaron Hill had Suckage numbers at -.114. 

After the game Mills was sent back to Vegas (thanks very much for the win, see you next emergency) and Travis Snider will be called up Friday. 

The Jays have tomorrow off, and then we have 3 against the Cleveland Indians

12-0 vs the Orioles. Not too shabby. 4 game over .500 too.