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Thursday Morning Bantering: Trade Values

So every Yankee fan and mouth piece thinks Alex Anthopoulos is asking too much for Scott Downs. Personally, I'm glad, that means he's doing his job. New York media always thinks we are asking too much for our players. Clearly, to them, they can't be worth very much or they would already be Yankees. 

What is his value? He is the best left-handed reliever on the market. He is 34 but is showing no signs of slowing down. He can pitch in any situation. He is a lefty but gets right-handed batters out. He can close. He has no problems dealing with pressure and he has a rubber arm. He can pitch 2 or 3 days in a row. Cito's tested this.  

Do we have to trade him? Nope. He's an type-A free agent, so if he signs with another team in the off-season we'd get draft picks, as long as we offer him arbitration. There is no doubt that we would. It is possible that he would accept arbitration, relievers do have a harder time getting a contract when they are type-A, but I wouldn't mind if he did accept. Then we'd still have a great left-handed reliever in out bullpen., one that would be get about $4 million from the arbitrator. I can't see Rogers having any trouble paying that. 

So if all the Yankee folks think AA is asking too much, don't trade to them. Whoever does get him, even us, will be getting one of the best relievers a team could ask for and, if he leaves that team as a free agent, they could pick up draft choice. 

Jose Bautista is another interesting trade piece. Every one is weighing in with their opinions. The Drunks one day think he should be traded and the next day don't. Me? Like Johnny said last night, I think it's kind silly to speculate. If there was a great offer out there, AA should take it. If not, don't. No player should be untouchable, but there is no gun to to Alex's head to get a deal done. He can listen to any offer without the pressure of thinking he has to be traded. 

This morning MLB Trade Rumors is suggesting that the Phillies are interested in him. I can't see why any team wouldn't be interested. It is a long walk from 'being interested' to offering the type of package it would take to pry Bastista away from us.