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Deadline Bantering

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It's quiet. Too quiet. 

6 Hours to the deadline and our bullpen is still the same as it was a month ago. John Buck, Jose Bautista and Lyle Overbay are all still with the team.

Other than it would be nice to have something to write about, I don't mind us not making any moves. It seems obvious that AA isn't going to trade for a guy unless he gets someone he thinks can special. No problem there, there is no reason to make moves just to make life easier on bloggers. 

No Travis Snider in the lineup again today. Yesterday I was ok with that. Today, not so much. Cito, Snider has to play. No Buck in the lineup. Day game after night game? Or they are working on something. 

Some links:

I mentioned this in a thread before but Southpaw has a great post showing that everyone in the FSL that is hitting better than Anthony Gose is older than him

Tao likes that AA doesn't just follow other's prospects lists when judging talent

Blue Jay Hunter is hoping Jose Bautista isn't traded today.

Richard Griffin thinks Adam Lind is the first baseman of the future:

On the road, when they have time, infield coach Brian Butterfield takes Lind out and hits him groundball after groundball. At home it happens more frequently. In addition there are focus sessions where the coach stands several feet away and rolls balls at Lind, side-to-side in rapid-fire succession to improve his reactions and lateral mobility.

Jeff Blair figures AA is focusing on Latin American players. I think he is focusing on good players. 

No trades yet? Nope. Ok then this is the post.