Great Q&A With Jays Pitching Prospect Zach Stewart


Courtesy of our friends at Bus League Baseball, who recently brought us a great Adam Loewen Q&A, here's one with the prize of the Scott Rolen trade, pitcher Zach Stewart - here's a taste: "One of the websites I read on prospects, in December he said that you could probably end up being a number two starter in the majors or you could be a closer in the majors. You could go either way. Which one of those roles do you think you would prefer to do? "[pauses, sighs] It’s tough to say. [pause] Honestly, I guess I’d say I’d rather start. You have more impact on the game that you do pitch in because you can go longer, 6-7-8-9 innings, hopefully. On the other hand I wouldn’t have any problem being a closer. I’ve done both, in college and professional ball, and I like both sides of it. I guess if I had to pick I’d say a starter, but either way it’s fine with me."